The LA Rams secondary has fans worried. Here's how to upgrade it in 3 easy steps

Los Angeles Rams, Aubrey  Pleasant
Los Angeles Rams, Aubrey Pleasant / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Step one: Extend players

The LA Rams have plenty of expiring contracts this offseason, and four players made significant contributions to the Rams' secondary in 2023. They are CB Duke Shelley, CB Ahkello Witherspoon, S Jordan Fuller, and S John Johnson III. Now the question is, who do the Rams front office re-sign, and who are waived on to test their value in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market?

The LA Rams have some funds to spend, but with Reserve/Future contracts already handed out, and a full complement of draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, much of that available cap space is already claimed. If the Rams hope to extend many players on expiring contracts, the surplus salary cap funds will dissipate quickly. But do the Rams want to abandon all veteran DBs and risk reconstructing a pass defense once more?

I believe the Rams will not extend everyone, but will extend someone. Who that might be is up to you to decide.

Step two: Sign a game-changing free agent

The LA Rams have not hesitated to commit to an elite cornerback in the past, especially if the Rams front office feels like the team is at the doorstep of competing for an NFL Championship. Right now, the LA Rams roster has the feel of a Super Bowl competitor.

So it makes sense for the Rams front office to leverage some cap space towards adding an elite defensive back. But who? Will the Rams want to secure a ball hawking defensive back, someone who can scoop the football out of the air and stop offenses cold with turnovers? Or will the Rams be content to settle on a tactician, a defensive back who is willing to deny the football to any receiver in his vicinity.

Either option is going to cost money. How much will the LA Rams be willing to spend? As of now, some pretty significant NFL defensive backs are projected to hit the free agency market:

Do any of those players piquie your interest? Or will you trust the Rams front office to uncover some diamonds in the rough for the 2024 NFL season? Who are your favorite DB targets for the Rams shopping list in the 2024 NFL Free Agency Market?