The odds of QB Stetson Bennett returning to LA Rams in 2023 are fading fast

While the LA Rams still believe in their rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett, the likelihood of seeing him back on the Rams 53-man roster for the 2023 NFL season is next to nothing now.
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II: Latest updates extinguishes hope for a 2023 Bennett

The subject of Stetson Bennett did not simply fade away. After a Week 4 game in which starting QB Matthew Stafford suffered a hip injury, the Rams media began to touch base once more on the taboo topic of rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett, his progress, and ultimately his ETA for returning to the Rams roster.

The Rams had opted to forego addressing the backup quarterback after moving Bennett to IR, a decision that would prove costly to the team in Week 9. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. You see, Stafford would injure and, in the same game, reinjure his thumb in a Week 8 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

That injury to his throwing hand resulted in injury to his UCL in that thumb. Not only did Stafford suffer pain in his throwing hand, but the damage to the UCL limited his ability to grasp and hold the football. That turned the attention to Stetson Bennett once more, and this time, Rams head coach Sean McVay did provide another update, but one with no details.

The Rams actions regarding the option not to adequately address the backup quarterback position, and simply roll through the first half of 2023 with starter Matthew Stafford, and one lone backup quarterback in Brett Rypien.

That may have read well on paper, but when Stafford's ability to suit up and compete in Week 9 was off the table, the Rams front office had to scramble for adequate quarterback depth to face the Green Bay Packers. After being rejected by former backup quarterback John Wolford, the LA Rams settled for rookie reserve quarterback Dresser Winn.

The Rams lost to the Packers in Week 9, and many fans emerged from that game convinced that had the Rams signed a solid backup, the team would be 4-5 heading into their Week 10 BYE.