The ongoing feud LA Rams QB Stetson Bennett is waging that nobody is talking about

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Stetson's side of the dispute

There are two sides to any and every controversy, and this dispute is no exception. After all, let's change the lens and look at how the situation appeared to Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett. Huh? Well, the story begins with Georgia winning a 2nd consecutive national championship.

Amidst the hoopla and celebration, the game winning quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs Stetson Bennett, receivers an invitation to compete in the Reese's Senior Bowl and compete as the sixth quarterback to enter the game. Talk about a let down? And at the greatest moment of his football career, he is assessed at perhaps as high as a fifth-round quarterback. (The LA Rams chose him in Round 4).

Hmm . . . There is a bit to process there.

From hero to zero? Um . . . huh?

Let's recap all of this. The starting quarterback for the last two NCAA Championship teams was offered a shot to appear as a sixth quarterback at the Senior Bowl depth chart? Perhaps there is some logic to Bennett's declining the offer, eh?

And then there were the words shared publicly, that may have been intended as good advice, but in the context of the whirlwind of controversy surrounding Bennett at the team, likely felt more like piling on or a shameless effort to promote the Senior Bowl at the expense of his own pride and reputation.

At some point in our lives, we come to learn that there is a time to rage at the wind. There are some battles that must be fought because they are winnable. Other battles must be fought to establish compass points between right or wrong, even if they are battles that cannot be won. Finally, there are battles that should never be fought, those conflicts where the only resolution is to walk away.