The Rams are losing more than just 4 coaches. and more may be on the way

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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When the LA Rams ended the 2023 NFL season, LA Rams HC Sean McVay made a point very clear. He stated that he was very happy with his entire coaching staff and that he would love to have them all return to the Rams coaching staff for 2024. After all, why not? The Rams exceeded all expectations, as the team literally broke every rule in the book in terms of building an NFL Playoff-caliber roster.

The Rams carried far too much dead cap space to compete in 2023 (Over $77 million in dead cap space), had far too few veterans to lead the team over the course of the season, and relied far too heavily on rookies to succeed this season. After all, it's a known fact that young players are too erratic, and cannot be counted on to perform consistently enough on a week-to-week basis to contend for a berth in the NFL Playoffs.

And yet, the LA Rams team, the same team that began the 2023 NFL season with a record of just 3-6, finished off the season with a 7-1 playoff run that would catapult the team into the heart of post-season competition. And if you had the chance to read the emotions of Rams HC Sean McVay, he was having the time of his life.

This all comes just one year after the very same Rams HC Sean McVay needed to step away from the Rams organization for a while.

Now, he is not only eager to get back up on the horse, but he is already rounding up a posse to do so.

So what is it about this LA Rams team that has rejuvenated the passion and pleasure in football for the entire Rams organization? The simplest reason that anyone chooses the heartbreaking path of football as a career vocation, it seems: For the love of the game.

The same feelings that rang through the entire Rams organization after winning Super Bowl LVI were beginning to burn once more. But this was not born out of the glory of winning it all. Rather, this was a season that was even more special in many ways. This was a season forged in the brotherhood of believing and trusting one another in ways that few from the outside can ever truly understand.

This was not a team that beat the odds. Rather, the LA Rams picked up every doubter and nay-sayer and chucked them aside. This was a team that did not play for trophies, rings, big stages, or bright spotlights. This was a team that embraced the rigors of a tough journey as its own reward. The LA Rams emerged from the gauntlet of the 2023 NFL season with the knowledge that they had mastered the journey on their own terms.

But it was a journey that not everyone can and will resume in 2024. The LA Rams know that at the end of each season, their coaching staff will be subjected to being cannibalized by other NFL teams who hope to master their own gauntlets. And it's that process of shedding and reintroducing new coaches that had sustained the LA Rams at the forefront of NFL and football strategies.