The Rams are losing more than just 4 coaches. and more may be on the way

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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QB Coach/Pass Game Coordinator Zac Robinson

The LA Rams may have only had Pass Game Coordinator/Quarterback Coach Zac Robinson on the coaching staff since 2019, but he has been a rapidly rising star among NFL coaches over that period of time. And his reputation truly began to impress NFL coaching circes over the past two seasons.

It has all culminated with the hiring of Rams Defensive Coordinator Raheem Morris as the new Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Because he is quite versed on the defensive side of the football, he had to assure the brass with the Falcons organization that he had a top offensive coordinator candidate committed to join him as the new Falcons offensive coordinator if the team hired Morris.

The Falcons did hire Morris, who made good on his promise and hired LA Rams QB Coach Zac Robinson to become his Offensive Coordinator.

So what makes the candidacy of Zac Robinson so appealing to Raheem Morris and the Atlanta Falcons?

Zac Robinson was not only an offensive coach who worked daily and intimately with LA Rams HC Sean McVay for five years, but he was the understudy to LA Rams former OC Kevin O'Connell for three seasons, before O'Connell was hired to become the new head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

In 2022, Robinson was promoted to QB Coach/Pass Game Coordinator, and that is when his true colors were unfurled. If you recall, the LA Rams 2022 season derailed pretty quickly due to injuries as the Rams fell to a record of 5-12. But, the season would have been much worse if not for the heroics of veteran backup QB Baker Mayfield, who literally stepped off the plane and delivered a win for the Rams hours later. The reason he could pilot the Rams offense? The intensive cramming season provided by QB Coach Zac Robinson.

Robinson was no one-hit wonder. Mayfield would win a second game for the Rams by shredding a stingy Denver Broncos defense on Christmas Day, putting up 51 points.

But Robinson's reputation would skyrocket the very next season, as the LA Rams signed another veteran QB to the team. This time it was the oft-maligned QB Carson Wentz who would take the Rams junior varsity team to face the San Francisco 49ers varsity team in Week 18. Despite the 49ers regular season winning streak, Wentz would lead the Rams backups to victory over the 49ers.

Now, Raheem Morris and the Atlanta Falcons hope that Zac Robinson can interpret McVay's offense for the Falcons players with similar results.