The Rams are losing more than just 4 coaches. and more may be on the way

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Assistant HC Jimmy Lake

From the moment that the LA Rams hired former UW Head Coach Jimmy Lake to the Rams coaching staff, I considered his hiring as a form of insurance to ensure continuity on the Rams defense if and when DC Raheem Morris would be hired away as a head coach for another NFL team. The LA Rams love to have understudies built into their coaching staff, and Lake seemed to be the perfect padawan to learn from Jedi Knight DC Morris.

I even included Jimmy Lake as one of five ideal candidates to replace Raheem Morris as the new Rams Defensive Coordinator long before Morris was hired away. Instead, the joke is on me as he will become Raheem Morris' new defensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons.

It's tough to get a full GPS read on how effective Rams Assistant Head Coach Jimmy Lake was for the Rams organization without a better understanding of what his official responsibilities were with the team

We can infer that Lake had some oversight for the Rams defense, if for no other reason than that is the role he will assume for the Atlanta Falcons. And with the more aggressive style of play out of the Rams secondary, we can infer that the had plenty to say over the Rams defensive backs. But without a clearer definition that distinguished his role from Rams Secondary Coach Chris Beake, or from that of Rams Defensive Backs Coach/Pass Game Coordinator Aubrey Pleasant. inference is as far as I can take it.

The truth is that while I know how effective Jimmy Lake has been in previous roles, I have no direct way of knowing how much of an impact he made on the LA Rams organization in 2023.