The Rams are shockingly last in this NFL category already

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Jamal Pettigrew
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Jamal Pettigrew / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

When it comes to the LA Rams, there are many out there who have already thrown the towel in on the season for this team. Whether it's the belief that the Rams will not win many games, to the fact that the Rams units will not play well, the consensus of the Rams struggling this year is already embedded in the national narrative. It is now presumed that the Rams will not play well enough to rank better than the bottom third of the league.

Surprisingly, there is one area where the Rams are already firmly entrenched in last place of the 32-team professional football league. That's the category of average experience level. No other team in the NFL has less than 2.19 years of experience per player. The LA Rams are currently averaging 1.79 years.

While that may be shocking or at least concerning for many Rams fans, there is a silver lining to this news.

Youth equals durability

Despite the fact that it is training camp, the introduction to football pads is a sign that the NFL has upgraded practices from walkthroughs to contact. Now, football players begin to get the real feel for football once more, albeit more like dress rehearsal than live action. Still, it's enough to trigger injuries.

Both Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow and Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Calijah Kancey are injured and expected to miss the rest of training camp for their respective teams. In fact, many key NFL players are falling to various injuries already. And so, the Rams are wise to ease players throughout training camp.

LA Rams veteran starting quarterback did not put on the pads for Rams training camp today. But that did not mean that he was on the sidelines sipping a Mint Julep. Rather, he took the opportunity to work with his younger teammates and help to coach them throughout the day.

Rams veterans seem to be working frequently with younger players this season. Of course, you could conclude that is born out of necessity.

While we focus on the best possible scenarios for each NFL team, and in doing so do not see how the Rams will compete head to head with some of the biggest and baddest teams in the NFL, that's not how it works in reality. As injuries begin to take their toll on every team, it's how the best of the available Rams will match up to the best of the available players on any given football game that truly matters.

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Injuries are already beginning to take their toll in the NFL. Will the LA Rams endure better through the trials of training camp than other NFL teams? Well, the LA Rams are the least experienced team in the NFL right now. Let's see where the Rams stand on the opening kickoff.