The Rams handed out 6 game balls after the TNF victory, but how many more could have been handed out?

Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The LA Rams had a huge win on Thursday Night Football against a very competitive New Orleans Saints team that rode into SoFi Stadium with a two-game winning streak and a very stingy defense. On paper, the two teams were evenly matched. Both held 7-7 records. Both offenses were led by a savvy veteran quarterback, and both defenses were exceeding expectations.

This was the type of game that NFL executives love to sink their teeth into. It was a dramatic game that held huge consequences for both teams, and the NFL Playoff picture overall. It was a game of two teams that have enjoyed recent success. And perhaps most importantly, it was a clash of two teams with controversial NFL Playoff history.

The LA Rams, as is the custom after a win, handed out game balls to the best impact players in the game. Those players number six in total after a huge victory, and they were:

  1. ILB Ernest Jones
  2. DB Jordan Fuller
  3. RB Kyren Williams
  4. WR Demarcus Robinson
  5. WR Puka Nacua
  6. QB Matt Stafford

The post game celebration can be viewed below. But watch the entire video through to the end, as veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford leveled an impassioned speech to his teammates to finish out the ceremony. But even with six game balls handed out, did the Rams inadvertantly leave anyone out?

The LA Rams have truly been getting total team efforts in their recent victories. Still, the Rams seem to run out of game balls before running out of worthy recipients. So let's add some worthy players who should have gotten a game ball as a result of their Week 16 play.

Here are our three additional game balls. See if you agree. Did we miss anyone?