The reaction of this player's father to being selected by the Rams is priceless

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Whenever following the LA Rams draft in progress, some selections bring an immediate standing ovation. Others take time, requiring a bit of digesting, dust settling, and a bit more research to follow what the front office is up to, and why. I have been told by several close friends that my initial reaction to the team's selection of Michigan running back Blake Corum was not as euphoric and optimistic as some of the other draft selection articles.

And they are right.

But I admitted that struggle to comprehend the strategy in the article, so this was not a blind spot that others were pointing out to me. The pace was rapid, too fast to grasp and comprehend all the details that come with adding one of the most productive rushers from the rookie class of 2024.

Having had 48 hours to mull this over, hold up the selection of RB Blake Corum to the light and observe it from a number of angles, I have to say that I've changed my option for the better. How much better do I feel about the pick?

I could tell you in words, but why bother when I can show you? Just check out the video below. I am Blake Corum's father, and his clear expression of joy in his makeshift dance and and fist pumping tango is pretty much the full display of the emotional level that I have reached in my appreciation of this pick.

Blake Corum's father has the perfect reaction of his son's selection by the LA Rams. And that reaction doesn't even need words.

It's clear that the team plans on platooning RB Kyren Williams and Blake Corum. Williams is the lightning back, the elusive speedster who evades tacklers and puts up huge chunks of yards. Corum is the thunder back, the guy who rumbles north and south, punishing would be tacklers and creating more and greater opportunities for the offense with each carry.

The more that I've contemplated the strategy, the more in love with it I've become. The Rams have a plan for 2024. The team not only wants to put up more touchdowns, but also save the wear and tear on Kyren Williams' tread.

That strategy has only one word to describe it: Brilliant!

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