There is a darker tone when discussing Stetson Bennett's future with the Rams

Los Angeles Rams, Stetson Bennett
Los Angeles Rams, Stetson Bennett / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

If the LA Rams football team knows the current status of QB Stetson Bennett, they are not sharing. If the team does not know what the current status of QB Stetson Bennett is for 2024, that's a huge problem. You see, the Rams are connecting the dots for a new NFL season right now, and per Ram HC Sean McVay, that dot for quarterback Stetson Bennett is not connected just yet.

And time to do so is running out.,

When will the Rams add a bit of clarity to the status of their once backup quarterback? From the fans perspective, not soon enough. But from the team's perspective, everything happens in good time. After all, the team held Bennett on the IR/NFI list all season long in 2023. From a football standpoint, he is even less prepared physically to play the game than he was last season.

But from the comprehension and understanding of the NFL, he is light year's ahead of where he was in his rookie season. So maybe it's appropriate for the team to leave the resolution of whether Bennett plays or does not play in 2024 to remain nebulous for some future date.

Perhaps that is what is best for him and for the football team, as LA Rams head coach Sean McVay suggests in the quote below:

It would take quite a bit for the LA Rams football team to move on from a quarterback once deemed to be worth a draft pick in Round 4 less than one year ago. While some may focus on his struggles in the third preseason game last year, he looked every bit the part of a young NFL quarterback who held promise in OTAs and training camp. He was even touted with high praise after his first preseason performance.

Even with a disappointing rookie season, Bennett remains a low-risk high-reward prospect for the team. His salary remains very low, as nearly all Day 3 drafted players do on their rookie contracts. The team has 90 roster spots for training camp, which means that they must sign 39 more players before his roster spot denies that of another player.

And the Rams have intensified the coach acumen of working with young quarterbacks several times over. Is all of that enough?

While I have been holding out strong hopes that Bennett would return to the team for 2024, even I am losing hope. I notice that the Rams continue to use very deliberate terminology when discussing Stetson Bennett. There is no mention of regular communications. There is no mention of Bennett's eagerness to return to the team. There is next to nothing.

If the innuendos are correct, and the team truly is in the dark about Stetson Bennett's status, that could mean that he has placed the LA Rams and the NFL in his rear view mirror. Regardless of what his particular situation entailed, it is on him to initiate and maintain regular communication with the team to assure everyone of his ultimate intentions.

Failure to continue regular communications is never a good sign, and this late into the process could be viewed as an NFL player burning his bridges. The team certainly appears to be very supportive of Stetson Bennett. But the optics right now suggests that this is not a two-way street.

Whenever an NFL head coach cites doing 'what's best for our football team,' the next actions are unlikely to be viewed as something positive for the player. The future of Stetson Bennett's football career with the LA Rams may remain without any clear purpose for the time being. But the tone has certainly taken a turn for the worse.

And that could me that this mini soap opera is about to come to an unhappy finish.