These 3 games are the easiest on the 2024 Los Angeles Rams schedule

The LA Rams should have an easier time against these three opponents.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams should have some easier games on their 2024 schedule, but these three contest stick out as being the easiest. Coming off of a surprising 10-7 season, the Rams are sitting pretty to build on that season for 2024. Overall, the NFC is a weaker conference, so right now, it'd be a shock if they did not make the postseason, in my opinion.

Matthew Stafford may not have more than a couple of years left in the NFL, but with the way he ended the 2023 NFL Season, we could be in store to see another MVP-caliber year from the battle-tested veteran. While we do not yet know the dates and times of the 2024 NFL Schedule. Or, at least most of it, we do know every teams' opponents.

Let's dive into the three easiest games on the LA Rams 2024 schedule.

These 3 games are the easiest on the 2024 Los Angeles Rams schedule
LA Rams @ New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams during the 2023 NFL Season. It was an eight-point victory for LA, and the main issue with the Saints isn't their roster talent, but rather their coaching and QB play. Saints head coach Dennis Allen simply isn't a good head coach. He's a very good coordinator, and that seems to be his ceiling.

Derek Carr was one a true problem for NFL defenses, but at this point, he's probably the 17th-best QB in the NFL, so he's not scaring anyone at this point in his career. The Rams have the better QB play and coaching by a large margin, and even with this game being away, it should be another touchdown or more victory.

LA Rams vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Yeesh. You have to wonder what the Las Vegas Raiders were trying to do this offseason, as they missed out on a first-round QB and did overpay for Gardner Minshew in free agency. With no clear long-term solution or potential long-term solution on the roster, the Raiders look to already be in a lost season. This game is at home for the LA Rams as well, so I cannot envision this game being close.

If you told me the Rams jumped out to a two-touchdown lead in the first quarter, I'd probably take you up on that. There really is no such thing as an "easy" win in the NFL, but man, this one sure feels like it, right?

LA Rams @ New England Patriots

In the running for being the worst team in the NFL for 2024, the New England Patriots at least have Drake Maye on the roster. But with them still having the worst personnel group on offense in the NFL and suspect new coaching, the Patriots could be in line for another very lean season. Maye was the right pick, and backup QB Jacoby Brissett is a very solid bridge option.

However, the Patriots don't have a threatening player on offense, and their OL especially is quite weak outside of RT Mike Onwenu and maybe OC David Andrews. The Patriots might end up being a "get right" game for many teams. The Rams could approach this game as that type of contest if they'd come off of an ugly loss.

Overall, the Los Angeles Rams are way too smart to think that any game on their 2024 NFL Schedule is an easy win. However, when you look at the matchups for these three games, you can't say they're hard...