These 5 NFL teams need to contact LA Rams for OLB Leonard Floyd

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Option V: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills rained on the LA Rams parade last offseason by outbidding the team for the services of veteran outside linebacker Von Miller. At the time, Miller signed a six-year $120 million contract which is severable after the 2024 NFL season. For that huge payday, the Bills were able to get 11 games from Miller, 21 tackles and 8.0 quarterback sacks.

It makes sense that the Bills could get more dependable work from pairing Leonard Floyd with Von Miller once again. The Buffalo Bills continue to flirt with being a very competitive AFC team, but have but denied and turned away for two consecutive seasons. We know that the Buffalo Bills offense can move the football and score points. The problems occur when their opponents have the football. More specifically, when opposing quarterbacks drop back to pass.

Floyd - Miller reunion

Right now, Leonard Floyd's 2022 performance would have landed him as the top pass rusher on the Buffalo Bills defense. And Floyd's pass rushing ability is just one of the many qualities that he adds to any defense he joins. He does it all, and does it so well that it's hard to notice. He sets the edge, turning plays back inside. He can defend the pass in space. He can stuff running plays. He sheds blockers. And he can get after the quarterback.

So why are the Rams parting ways with the guy?

This is a reset/rebuild/restoration of the entire LA Rams roster, and the team intends to resynchronize their calendar and infuse young players on this defense. No veteran enjoys playing through the pain of watching younger players learn through trial and error, and so the Rams are affording off-ramps to key players whose abilities warrant seeking a win-now NFL team, like the Buffalo Bills.

Floyd could definitely contribute to a Bills defense whose only true weak spot appeared to be generating a pass rush in 2022. If they add Leonard Floyd, I believe that the team answers that problem. And Floyd's contract is ideally suited for them. If he does not work out, the Bills can part ways with him and have no dead salary cap for their troubles.