These 5 NFL teams need to contact LA Rams for OLB Leonard Floyd

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Option IV: LA Chargers

If there is one NFL team that jumps off the page that would be ideally suited for OLB Leonard Floyd, it is the LA Chargers. After all, the Chargers' head coach is Brandon Staley, the very defensive coordinator who directed the Rams' free agency signing of Leonard Floyd in 2020. Floyd is ideally suited to play in Staley's defense, they know and trust one another, and that type of connection often translates into an NFL trade scenario. So why aren't the Chargers ranked higher on this list?

The LA Chargers had an unsettling playoff loss on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars, in which the team outright blew a 27-7 lead to lose by a score of 31-30. That game resulted in the shiny luster of head coach Brandon Staley to become tarnished, with some even expecting the team to part ways with Staley.

Staley brings Floyd to the Chargers

As a result, the Chargers fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, and the leash is shorter for head coach Brandon Staley this year.

Still, the Chargers need more oomph in their pass rush, and there are no shortages of stories of former LA Rams players who have found a landing spot on the LA Chargers roster. TE Gerald Everett, NT Sebastian Joseph-Day, and ILB Troy Reeder all have found roles with the Chargers. I believe that if the Chargers trade for Leonard Floyd, he could be the best of the bunch.

Just like the Buffalo Bills, Leonard Floyd's 2022 performance would lead the team in quarterback sacks, a statistic that the Chargers need more production. The Chargers made an attempt to bolster their pass rush with Floyd's former teammate, Khalil Mack, but over the past three seasons, it has been Floyd who has bested his former comrade. The Chargers would be a very dangerous team with Floyd on their roster, but there are three teams we believe could be even more willing to add a veteran pass rusher.