These 5 NFL teams need to contact LA Rams for OLB Leonard Floyd

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Option III: Detroit Lions

The amount of NFL commerce between the LA Rams and the Detroit Lions has escalated dramatically from the moment that the Detroit Lions hired former Rams personnel executives Brad Holmes to become the team's General Manager and Ray Agnew to become the team's Assistant GM.

And that only makes sense, because in order to conduct trades in the NFL, you have to trust the person who you are shaking hands and trading with. There is a great deal of respect between Brad Holms and Rams GM Les Snead. It's that respect, and trust, that allows both teams to know up front what is in store whenever the team's do business.

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Lions defense gets a serious upgrade

So far, we had focused upon AFC Teams who have been knocking on the door in the NFL Playoffs, but who seem to need just a little bit more 'oomph' to get over the hump. Now, we turn our focus to the NFC, and the Detroit Lions are one of the teams that many expect to make that leap in 2023. To do that, this team needs to get more pressure on the quarterback. But can OLB Leonard Floyd compete effectively in a 4-3 base defense?

Well, the guy is 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds, which is a fine size and weight to start with. And the transition is far more difficult from a 4-3 to a 3-4, because the outside rusher takes on a more significant role in pass defense, dropping back into coverage, and not always solely focused on getting after the quarterback.

The Detroit Lions are a young team, and would not only benefit from Floyd's production on the football field, but his leadership and approachability to younger players in the locker room. He is a quality no-bullshit type of player whose versatility and willingness to play 100 percent is worth adding to an up and coming team like the Lions.