These 5 NFL teams need to contact LA Rams for OLB Leonard Floyd

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Option I: Denver Broncos

While the Denver Broncos had one of the most effective defenses in the NFL in 2022, they are a new team with newly hired head coach Sean Payton, a head coach who has built his defenses on the backs of strong linebackers. Right now, with a brand new coaching staff, and the goal to revitalize the career of veteran quarterback Russell Wilson, Payton will have his hands full with the offense.

The Denver Broncos new defensive coordinator, Vance Joseph, lands with the Broncos after his release from the Arizona Cardinals. With that background, he knows full well the type of defensive player Leonard Floyd can produce and at what level. Furthermore, both Payton and Joseph will be eager to install 'their' guys into the defense that was outstanding for former DC Ejiro Evero's debut as an NFL defensive coordinator.

The Broncos have dealt with the LA Ram,s in the past, and had negotiated the trade of veteran OLB Von Miller in the middle of the 2021 NFL season. So there is a history of these two teams successfully negotiating trades in the past. And this time, it's the Broncos who are dreadfully in need of help to their pass rush, as their defense ranked just 23rd of 32 teams in that department.

Sean Payton needs a win on defense

While the Denver Broncos may not be viewed by the majority of NFL fans as a contender, you can bet that new head coach Sean Payton sees the Broncos as an NFL team with playoff potential. The focus of the team's front office and coaching staff will be on trying to unlock that offense to improve dramatically. That means that the Broncos will be seeking players who can be signed to the defense with the proven track record to remain dependable and consistently productive. Leonard Floyd checks all of those boxes.

The Broncos added free agent Randy Gregory in 2022 on a five-year $70 million contract. The team got six games and three starts out of him. Leonard Floyd may not be an NFL superstar, but his constant 9+ quarterback sacks per season definitely makes him a safe bet, and an ideal addition to a Broncos roster that needs to turn things around quickly

Did the LA Rams harm their bargaining power by announcing that Leonard Floyd will be cut if he is not traded? Perhaps. But savvy NFL GMs should jump at the chance to add a solid defensive contributor at a known slightly under FMV contract and for next to nothing in terms of a draft pick. That is especially true for the Denver Broncos, whose 2023 NFL Draft is very limited. Landing a starting OLB for a Day 3 draft pick would be a solid victory for this team

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Operators are standing by. Let's see which NFL team wants to win badly enough to contact the Rams.