These 7 irresistible prospects could convince Rams to trade up in 2024 NFL Draft

NFL Draft, LA Rams
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VI: Here's the beef

It's pretty clear that winning a Super Bowl will come down to winning in the trenches. While that means both the offensive and defensive fronts, there could be concerns about the teams defensive line heading into 2024. As of right now, the team is projected to lose both DE Jonah Williams (RFA) and DT Larrell Murchison (UFA). While that may not concern fans, it does make the depth at that position suspect, and could open the door for the Rams to draft a new defensive lineman in 2024. If they are looking for a Day 1 starter, then they may look no further than Illinois defensive lineman Jer'Zhan Newton

The front office does not hesitate to add defensive players who measure 6-foot-2, and Newton is no exception. Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 295 pounds, he is considered by some NFL draft scouts to be among the smaller players under consideration for defensive linemen in 2024. But if you loved what nose tackle Kobie Turner did in his rookie debut on defense, you will want to sit up and take notice with this young man. He is certainly worth consideration.

If you check out his draft profile, it nearly reads identically to that of LA Rams rookie NT Kobie Turner, or that of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald himself. Perhaps that similar profile may dissuade the front office from pursuing him. But with the results of both Turner and Donald, why not shoot for the Trifecta?

Newton possesses a devastating combination of power and balance, enough to allow him to hold his own against run blocking. Better still, he owns an incredible burst that often allows him to beat offensive linemen to the punch. Because he is so agile, swift and powerful, he is a natural to line up at virtually any defensive line position, allowing the Rams to move Aaron Donald around at will as well.

His skillset already possesses an amazing array of pass rush moves and countermoves. It's that ability to rush the passer as well as stop the run that fans will appreciate the most. If you are one of the fans who cries for the team to get some help at rushing the passer for Aaron Donald, you should lobby hard for the team to consider trading up for this rookie prospect.