These 7 Rams UDFAs have the best chance to make the team

Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay, Artis Twyman
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IV: DB Kenny Logan Jr, Kansas

The Rams secondary may have invested in veterans, but the truth of the matter that the team only holds a one-year prove-it deal with former All-Pro defensive back Tre'Davious White. If you have followed how those type of contracts work, if White underperforms then the Rams will not pursue extending him in 2025 or beyond. If he outperforms his contract, then any number of NFL teams will wade into the bidding wars for his services in 2025.

In either scenario, the Rams must groom his potential replacement right now.

One versatile defensive back who offers a lot of promise is former Kansas rookie cornerback/safety Kenny Logan Jr. While Logan may not stand out in any one area for the Rams on the surface, his ability to perform and deliver in so many roles for this team makes him a very difficult player to envision being cut. Here is what I mean:

Logan stands 6-foot-0 and weighs 205 pounds. That is a solid size for any NFL defensive back. But what makes Kenny Logan Jr. so special is the fact that he can play slot cornerback, outside cornerback, box safety, shell safety, or centerfield in an NFL secondary. He is a magnificent and sure-handed tackler, getting 214 solo tackles over his final three seasons at Kansas. That averages over 71 solo tackles per season, which is a jaw-dropping number.

While he can tackle, he can deliver in pass defense as well. Over his final three seasons of college football, he broke up 17 passes while picking off four interceptions. He even recorded a pick-six in 2023. So yes, he can be a thorn in the side of opposing quarterbacks.

But wait . . . there's more.

This guy is extremely experienced and proficient at returning kickoffs. In fact, he returned 61 kickoffs for the Kansas Jayhawks over five seasons for 1,438 yards and one touchdown. Considering that the Rams special teams need a return specialist, you have to at least pencil his name in as one of the players who should be competing for that role on the team.

Kenny Logan Jr. is a true thumper, a defensive back who hits like a ton of bricks and who could take over the Nick Scott role of breaking up pass plays by his physical tackling. I could see Logan as quickly impressing DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant quickly in training camp.