These 7 Rams UDFAs have the best chance to make the team

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I: DE Anthony Goodlow, Oklahoma State

The LA Rams have a long-standing tradition of signing and developing undrafted players for the defensive end position. The role has been manned by former Rams DE Morgan Fox and as recently as 2023 by Jonah Williams. Could undrafted free agent rookie defensive end Anthony Goodlow be the next to keep that tradition alive?

There is certainly a very strong case to be made for former Oklahoma State rookie defensive end Anthony Goodlow earning a roster spot, starting with the fact that the team added a $20,000 signing bonus to entice him to sign with the team. So why did this team want to ensure signing the 6-foot-5 283-pound versatile defensive lineman? In a quick summary, this team already has plans for him on this defense.

We know that the Rams lost starting defensive end Jonah Williams to free agency after his contract expired. We also know that the only other defensive end on the roster is the promising return of 2023's Mr. Irrelevant, DE Desjuan Johnson. So the Rams front office knew that the defensive end position needed immediate and productive help.

DE Anthony Goodlow, a versatile defender who has experience as an outside linebacker, as a defensive tackle, and as a defensive end, was the logical choice. Goodlow played four seasons with Tulsa, and finished his NCAA career with Oklahoma State. He does not possess refined polished pass rush moves, but wears down his opponent by endurance and will-power.

Because he has all of the right attributes, but needs to be coached up to be more effective, he is an ideal pupil-project for new DL Coach Giff Smith. At 6-foot-5, he gives this defensive front a new dimension of height and long reach to grab and bring down anyone with the football. And his last four seasons of college football yielded 16.0 quarterback sacks and 146 tackles, pointing to a young defensive lineman who already brings plenty to work with.

These seven Rams UDFA rookies have the best chance to make the team, but not all will do so. And there are undrafted rookie prospects who may surprise everyone and stand out in training camp. After all, isn't that the thrill of the offseason? The Rams landed quality prospects even after the 2024 NFL Draft.

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