This Day 3 prospect could be ideally suited for LA Rams future success

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams
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Time to develop a strong armed quarterback?

One of the opportunities that I fear the Rams may have completely whiffed at is the chance to get a strong-armed raw quarterback on the roster and just park him for a year or two. While that does mean investing in a roster slot, how many times in the past two seasons have the Rams scrambled to add a free agent veteran QB because their current strategy fell shot at the first test?

A move desirable option, in my opinion, is to get and develop a strong armed quarterback who simply arrives raw and has a long learning curve to achieve the consistency needed to start as an NFL quarterback. In my mind, one prospect fits that criteria hands down in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Former Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Joe Milton has a cannon for an arm. He simply needs the right coaching staff to develop him into a successful NFL starter. In a recent Top-10 QB feature, we projected Milton as a late Day 3 selection. And yet, he can do this easily:

While a quarterback who is still a bit raw at 24 years of age may not check the box for many teams, I believe that the LA Rams front office will find plenty to love about this quarterback. And the fact that he will most likely still be on the board on Day 3 adds to the likelihood for the team to choose him. So what makes him worth wearing the Horns? Let's talk a bit about that:

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Milton is a huge armed quarterback with a quick release. Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 235 pounds is an ideal size and weight for an NFL quarterback as well. He has played six seasons of NCAA football, split evenly between the Michigan Wolverines and the Tennessee Volunteers. He struggled in his time at Michigan, but his production has skyrocketed with the Volunteers. In 2023, he completed 229 of 354 passes for 2,813 yards, 20 touchdowns, and just five interceptions.

He also ran 78 times in 2023 for 299 yards and seven touchdowns.

But per his NFL Draft profile, he is cited as completing just 38.6 percent of his passes thrown over 10 yards. The Rams would love to have Milton's size and mobility in the pocket as a future quarterback. But, can this team take the risk of bringing him onto the roster?