This former LA Rams player now boasts two consecutive SB rings

Los Angeles Rams Kendall Blanton
Los Angeles Rams Kendall Blanton / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

While the LA Rams team did not return to compete in a Super Bowl, the same cannot be said for players who competed for the Rams in Super Bowl LVI. If you recall, the Rams divested from a number of players mid-season, in an effort to reduce their payroll expense and give affected players a chance to sign with and perhaps earn roles with new NFL teams

One such player who was unceremoniously shown the door out from the LA Rams football team during the 2022 NFL season was tight end, Kendall Blanton. After competing for and helping the LA Rams to succeed in winning Super Bowl LVI, the Rams released Blanton on November 12, 2022.

One day later, Blanton was claimed by the Washington Commanders. In fact, he was scooped up so quickly due to the fact that the Commanders' own roster was equally decimated by injuries. But two weeks later, Kendall Blanton was waived once more.

But this time, he signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs on their practice squad. While the role itself may have been less than he had hoped for, the Chiefs were already purring like a true NFL Playoff team with a record of 8-2. And after defeating the LA Rams, rose to a record of 9-2.

Just to be fair, it's very difficult to earn a spot on the active 53-man roster for a team that finishes the season with a 14-3 record. Just ask Blanton.

But while he did not directly contribute to the Chiefs' offensive prowess during the 2022 NFL season, he was on the Chiefs' Super Bowl-winning roster, and as luck would have it, he earned his second consecutive Super Bowl ring.

Not many players from the LA Rams migrate to the Kansas City Chiefs. Former center Austin Blythe was one who had done so. Tight end Kendall Blanton is another. And Blanton's reward for doing so is that he has two amazing consecutive Super Bowl rings to cherish.

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And the knowledge that he is the only human being on the planet who has done so.