This new LA Rams rookie's unstoppable work ethic will delight fans

He may not play for former DL Coach Eric Henderson, but he embodies the #DAWGWORK philosophy
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Refamiliarizing a rookie to his new football home

One of the handicaps to any rookie who hopes to claim playing time in the LA Rams offense is the fact that they must not only familiarize the offensive playbook but prove mastery over the plays and the responsibilities. That type of self-discipline is not something that coaches can instill in a player, it has to be instilled from an early age.

Thankfully, Blake Corum did come to grips with the relationship of hard work leading to future rewards. In truth, he was bitten by the football bug at an early age, and scheduled his life to allow himself to enjoy his daily fix of football and football related workouts. That may sound anything other than exciting, but present-day sacrifice is often the path to future greatness. But it can also be the steepest and most difficult path to navigate.

In Corum's childhood, football was more than a game. It was his vocational calling, a discipline of life that ordered everything to his life. From when to rise and shine, when to eat, how much to drink, and how often and intensely to work out. So football because more than a sport, it was a devotion.

So it's less about teaching this rookie about the game itself. His one drive and passion have already led him there. The task at hand is more akin to leveling up an avatar or an MMRPG character. Corum is about to face tougher defenses, play behind a bigger (and hopefully, better) offensive line, and have the options from an even better and more sophisticated playbook.,

The question becomes: Is he ready for his upgrade?