This new LA Rams rookie's unstoppable work ethic will delight fans

He may not play for former DL Coach Eric Henderson, but he embodies the #DAWGWORK philosophy
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Even his opponents shower him with respect

In college football, fans shower unbridled love and support on their team. In many ways, college towns throughout the nation are about the team, and exclusively about the team. Whether its the SEC, the Big 10, Big 12, ACC, or some other collegiate football conference, fans loved every player on the team, and loathed every player on division rivals or on opposing teams.

But sometimes, rarely, an opposing player is that good that the hatred metamorphs into respect, and even a bit or concern or fear. Incredibly talented players who feed on hearing boos from fans in the stands are an enigmatic challenge for college football fans. The more they boo him, the better he plays. Blake Corum was one such player:

Even among the most hated rivals, there are those legendary players that force even the most zealot fans to concede that they have their team's number. Those matchups were often one for the ages. There was the performance of Texas QB Vince Young against USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. There was Oklahoma State RB Barry Sanders performance against Texas in 1988. There was USC RB Reggie Bush's performance against Fresno State.

While we can go on and on citing super-human performances recorded throughout the history of college football, it is clear that football stars find ways to show up big in big games. Blake Corum in one such player who lives to compete against fierce opponents.