This 'steal of the draft' is a perfect fit for the LA Rams, if they can land him

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The LA Rams need help in their wide receiver room. No, they are not 'hurting' at the position, as rookie sensation Puka Nacua sprang to take center stage for the team out of nowhere. But even the record-setting rookie receiving performance of Nacua could not alter the fact that the Rams passing offense has serious question marks this season.

The Rams passing offense finished the year with an average of 239.0 yards per game, good enough for 10th place in the NFL. But that same passing offense only scored 26 times through the air, which was no better than 15th place among NFL offenses. The team's 13 interceptions was just 18th in the NFL. Only the team's 34 sacks allowed came in among the Top 10 NFL offenses, settling in as the sixth-best offense for that category.

The thing is, Puka Nacua's rookie season (87.4 YPG) accounted for more than a third of the team's passing offense in 2023. While that is cause for celebration for his production and achievements, it also signifies how precarious the Rams offense might be in 2024 if he falls to injury.

While the Rams may be seeking receiver help in the 2024 NFL Draft, rest assured that there are plenty of prospects who have huge upsides in terms of NFL production. And with the team's success at uncovering Nacua with the 177th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, there is a sense that the same front office can identify another steal to add to the receiver room.

The thing is, this year's 'Steal of the Draft' may not be a well-kept secret. In fact, the word is already out about Western Kentucky WR Malachi Corley, and for good reason. When he shows up on game day, he really shows up:

He has many attributes that will surely catch the eye of the LA Rams scouting department. But perhaps the most obvious and unique quality about Corley is the fact that he has earned the nickname of YAC King of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Malachi Corley Draft Profile. Wide Receiver. Malachi Corley. player. Western Kentucky. 2192. PFN Draft Profile. NFL Draft Buzz. Malachi Corley. Round 3

Corley is currently projected to come off the board in Round 3, which is the first round in which the LA Rams boast multiple picks. If the team adds Corley, the Rams will have added a very complementary piece to an offense that is already trending in the right direction.

Corley stands just under 5-foot-11 and weighs a burly 215 pounds. If that reads like a running back, you are in the right ballpark. He is incredibly athletic, a young man who seems to give more punishment than he gets on practically every play. He has already dominated the competition at the Senior Bowl. Now, he faces the challenges of the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

Corley is a versatile offensive weapon who just happens to have lined up at the wide receiver position for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. But in the Rams offense, he could be lined up anywhere. While every rookie who wants to be targeted in the passing game must prove their ability to block, run, and catch the football, I suspect that Corley will master those fundamental prerequisites early in OTAs and training camp.

Where I truly get excited at projecting Corley in this offense is the almost limitless ways he can line up for HC Sean McVay. He can line up in the backfield, as a tight end, as a slot receiver, as an H-back or Y-back, or spread out as a wide receiver. At any position, he is more dangerous after catching the football as he is at catching it.

The Rams love receivers who can put up yards after the catch, and that is already the buzz about Malachi Corley. Best of all, he has earned the endorsement of one of the NFL's toughest wide receivers, Steve Smith Sr. With any luck, he will hear his name called out by the LA Rams. Not only would he be a ideal fit in the Rams offense, but I believe he could be a huge catalyst for a very innovative playbook for the 2024 NFL season.