Top 10 sleepers for LA Rams heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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Sleeper IX: Darrell Luter Jr, Cornerback, South Alabama

I believe that the LA Rams will add multiple defensive backs to the roster, and defensive back Darrell Luter, Jr. out of South Alabama certainly appears as one of the small school prospects who will almost instantly pique the Rams interest. He has all of the instincts and intelligence to be where the ball will be when the receiver arrives. So far, the drawbacks to his game are his less than optimal physicality.

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What I don't like about him: No matter who the LA Rams bring in for the 2023 NFL season, if they play defensive back they are going to be compared to the standard set by All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey. For his part, Darrell Luter Jr. is not close to the physicality standard Ramsey brings to the position, but that will appear as a shortcoming. Accompanying that lack of oomph is the risk of allowing receivers to break arm tackles early in his NFL career.

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What I do like about him: Darrell Luter Jr. is an awfully obstructive defensive back. For a young man who is 6-foot-0 and 189 pounds, his radius of pass defense feels much larger. He has all of the skills that you typically look for in a pass defender. He can backpedal easily. He knows how to use the sidelines to his advantage. He has great timing instincts of when to break on the football to deflect the pass, and can even contest for an interception. He has the type of skillset that you love to see in the secondary when he gets cooking. Best of all, opposing quarterbacks seldom tested him.

Once you see him play, its tough not to be enthusiastic over the hope that he plays for the LA Rams. He has those tweeks and uncoached skills that can truly make a difference, and if he gets a bit stronger physically and a bit more refined in the more physical aspects of the NFL defensive back position, he could be a key contributor for the Rams defense even as early as his rookie season.