Top 10 sleepers for LA Rams heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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Sleeper VI: Darius Rush, Cornerback, South Carolina

While he may be a sleeper to many NFL teams, I have a hard time naming South Carolina defensive back Darius Rush a sleeper where the LA Rams are concerned. That is due to the fact that former TE/RB Coach Thomas Brown had formerly coached at South Carolina, and you can get that he talked up Darius Rush at each and every opportunity.

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What I don't like about him: Simply stated: He has durability concerns and he's very raw. Durability-wise, he arrived at the program in 2018 as a wide receiver but was redshirted that year to an unspecified injury. When he returned to the program, he switch to defensive back but played primarily on special teams. He missed the spring of 2021 when he underwent shoulder surgery, Finally, he had a hamstring problem that surfaced in a game against Georgia and lingered throughout the 2022 season.

What I do like about him: Well, for starters, this young man plays defensive back, stands 6-foot-2, and weighs 198 pounds. That is enough to get any defensive back at least one look from me. But what sold me on Rush is the fact that he was a former wide receiver. That gives him the ability to know what his offensive opponent is trying to do, which allows him to win the battle between the ears as well as the battle on the football field

Unlike some defensive backs who relied on their physical advantages to outclass the opposition, Rush is an active defender who is not susceptible to double moves, head fakes, or following the quarterback's eyes right out of the play. Although he has limited experience at playing as a defensive back, his astute understanding has shortened his learning curve considerably. And if he can stay healthy, his upside when he refines his technique with NFL experience is truly Pro Bowl level. A bit more muscle for armor in the weight room, and a bit of work in training camp, will truly be a worthwhile investment.