Top 3 2023 LA Rams Training Camp stories that has everyone glued to the edge of their seats

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
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Here we are, the start of the LA Rams 2023 Training Camp, and we have many more questions than answers. But isn't that what training camp is all about? In the past, the Rams have always had a sense of confidence that poured out and into the fanbase. But this year, the range of optimism has carved a deep canyon that separates those who are not confident in the team this year from those who are confident.

Still, even the most confident are riding that hope based on faith more than objective reasoning. Yes, there is the historic trending of the Rams finding better-than-average success. There is the consensus that LA Rams head coach Sean McVay knows how to surround himself with the best coaches to make up his staff. That has given the Rams an excellent advantage each season.

The rhythm is gonna getcha'

There is even the cycle of the Rams over the past seven seasons starting in 2016: Bad, NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl appearance that the Rams have adhered two not just once, but twice. And so, in year eight, the Rams are due to earn a berth in the NFL Playoffs. That has prompted fans to find some level of confidence in the Rams ultimate destination at the end of this season, despite have no clue as to the particulars over how can the LA Rams actually get there.

The Rams are not a wreckless, shoot-from-the-hip sort of NFL team. Even as the Rams have gone big in terms of risks for game-changing players, the Rams front office understands that due to the limits imposed by the NFL, there is an ebb and flow to the way teams must time their efforts to build an NFL Championship roster.

Unlike the NBA, where teams try to acquire their best triad of NBA championship players before assembling the roster around them, the LA Rams have learned that the NFL works in the opposite direction. NFL teams must assemble an elite coaching staff first. Then, the team must draft and sign a sufficient number of good but young and inexpensive players to create a winning team. Then, and only then, can the team add the elite players who can carry the team to a Super Bowl victory.

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Right now, the Rams have the coaching staff, and are working on building a winning Rams roster. So how is the team going about it?