Top 3 2023 LA Rams Training Camp stories that has everyone glued to the edge of their seats

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Honorable mention: RB Cam Akers bulked up

While there is some debate over the impact of positional coaches (I believe that the right positional coach can make a huge difference for NFL players), there is little doubt that LA Rams new running back coach Ron Gould is leaving his mark on the Rams offense.

In the past, the Rams seemed to be willing to focus on and add smaller running backs in the past. Even when the team added rookie Cam Akers in 2020, the Rams were willing to feature a halfback type build, as opposed to a bigger power back type. But has that changed?

A bigger Akers? Very interesting . . .

Bigger backs break through arm tackles

Everyone noticed that RB Cam Akers has bulked up this year. But that was confirmed when he was interviewed after training camp. And when Akers had the opportunity to discuss how he has addressed his weight this season, he emphasized that he haw gone way up in weight. He is officially listed on the Rams roster as 5-foot-10 and 217 pounds. But I believe that it's safe to say that he is between 220-230 pounds right now, and it's all muscle.

You can bet that is all thanks to Rams veteran running back coach Ron Gould. Gould knows what his running backs will need to succeed in the NFL, and his directions to RB Cam Akers seem to be quite clear; Bulk up.

Bigger backs are theoretically tougher to tackle. More muscle means more power, and more power means moving the pile, breaking arm tackles, and the ability to run into and through traffic. While the Rams had their hearts set on driving mini coopers into the line of scrimmage, it looks like the team is upgrading to a Hummer SUV.