Top 5 bold predictions for LA Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft

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About the time that you think you 'get,' the LA Rams, the Rams front office throws you a curve ball. And about the time that you are ready to throw you hands to the sky and declare that you haven't a clue as to what the LA Rams are doing, the team makes another move or a key decision maker holds a press conference, and the disarrayed pieces begin to assemble and form an image of what the plan has been all along.

Right now, each of us is somewhere in that spectrum of not having a clue to it all starting to make some sense. And as the offseason progresses, each of us can shift to not having a clue to in the know rather quickly. The irony is that we are all heading in different directions, at different speeds, and it makes for some rather colorful and sometimes contentious conversations in forums or in the comments section.

Rams strategy could be anything right now

Right now, the LA Rams strategy for 2023 is more aptly designated as a strategy for 2023 and 2024. The team's willingness to embrace the financial pain that is occurring right now is the choice that the team is making in the interest of the financial gain that the team will enjoy in 2024. Per, the Rams are projected at $57+ million of available cap space in 2024 with 26 players under contract. That number is based on a starting cap of $235 million for 2024. Over the projects the LA Rams to hold a sum of $73 million of available cap space in 2024 with 29 players under contract. But their starting point is $21 million higher, at $256 million.

If you reconcile the two sites, the Rams are likely looking at $75+ million of available cap space, but with a huge number of openings on the roster. The Rams' roster in 2024 with the players added during the 2023 NFL Draft and will consume a bit more than $1 million per player on average. So who are these rookie additions? Well, that is why we are here.

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The LA Rams hold 11 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, and the team has needs at practically every position on the roster. But what will the Rams do? Here are my five bold predictions over what the LA Rams have in store during the 2023 NFL Draft. Here we go . . .