Top 5 bold predictions for LA Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Bold Prediction IV: LA Rams will draft two or fewer OL (likely just 1)

Can you make a leopard change its spots? The LA Rams have gone to six NFL drafts since head coach Sean McVay has taken over, and yet the team has drafted multiple offensive linemen three times. Even as the Rams fans insist that the team must address the offensive line early and often, I don't know that the team is willing to do so.

While I believe that the Rams could and should select offensive linemen from the 2023 NFL Draft, particularly as the depth and talent of offensive tackles seems to be higher than the average draft class, the Rams may not see things in the same way that I do. The team did draft IOL Logan Bruss and OT A.J. Arcuri in 2022, and has yet to determine whether or not they are capable of competing effectively at the NFL level.

Rams will bet on returning OL for 2023

The LA Rams have, to date, not invested heavily in their offensive line under HC Sean McVay. While that has not exactly appeased the Rams fans, it has been a strategy that allowed the team to hold the line on spending for the offensive line position group, and diverted those funds to other position groups where the team believed the return on investment was more advantageous.

It's hard to disagree with the team, as the results over the first five seasons of embracing that strategy had met with sensational success and two Super Bowl appearances.

The injury-riddles 2022 NFL season was as much of an anomaly as the 2019 NFL season. In 2020, the Rams drafted just one offensive lineman, Tremayne Anchrum Jr., in the seventh round. While I don't believe that the Rams will wait that long to add an offensive lineman, I don't see the Rams carpet-bombing the group with multiple selections.

I don't have a great feel as to when the Rams will select offensive linemen, if at all. But I don't have the sense that the Rams will add more than two OL to the Rams roster in this Rams draft class.