Top 5 bold predictions for LA Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Bold Prediction III: LA Rams will draft a quarterback

The state of the LA Rams quarterback position is dire, as the team has one veteran quarterback who is getting near the end of his career, and is coming off an injury-plagued season. Complicating matters even further, the team has not added any quarterbacks to the roster whatsoever. That cannot continue throughout the course of the 3-day NFL Draft event.

The LA Rams do not have a first-round pick. Even if the team did have their first-rounder, I would not recommend the team investing in a quarterback early in this class. There is a more talented rookie class of quarterbacks just around the bend in 2024, and that is a much better rookie class to invest a high draft pick.

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Keep this QB on your radar

One quarterback to keep on your radar screen is Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Hendon Hooker. While he checks all of the boxes as a first-round selection in the 2023 NFL Draft at quarterback, some expect him to fall due to the medical flag of suffering an ACL injury late in his NCAA career. That, paired with his age of 25 years old, has reportedly had some teams shying away from him as a first-round quarterback selection in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The LA Rams are not going to shy away from the guy. If he falls to them at 36, the LA Rams will be more than happy to call out his name. Hopefully, the team will remain patient and not trade up to make the selection.

Hooker offers great skillsets that align well with veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, including standing 6-foot-3, a quick release, intelligent, high character, a strong arm that has solid accuracy, and he can even move the chains with his ability to scramble. His biggest drawback is the consensus from multiple draft scouts that recommend that Hooker is not rushed to start in the NFL too soon.

A year or two behind Matthew Stafford, and the LA Rams may be blessed with a solid QB for the future.