Top 5 bold predictions for LA Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Bold Prediction II: LA Rams will trade back and use 13+ picks in the 2023 NFL Draft

There is some hope from an enclave of LA Rams fans to trade up to Round 1. While there is some merit to doing so, the Rams' finances and roster situation right now seems to give evidence to the Rams' front office opting to trade back, perhaps multiple times. That is why I believe the Rams will trade for and use 13 or more draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The first chance to do so is with the 36th overall pick in the NFL Draft. While any trade offers will likely be most numerous there, particularly if a handful of Round 1 prospects fall and remain on the draft board when the Rams have an opportunity to make a selection, I cannot see a package offered to the Rams to dislodge the team from making that pick, unless the offer is so good that it blows the Rams and the fans right out of the water.

Rams unique situation in the 2023 NFL Draft

A far more likely scenario is the Rams trading back in Round 3, and hopefully in the process picking up an additional pick in Round 4. If the Rams trade out of third round with a pick, and land multiple picks in the fourth and or early fifth rounds, the Rams could trade back once more. Ultimately, I believe that the Rams want to add no fewer than 13 rookies during the 2023 NFL Draft. That would lessen the number of undrafted rookie free agents necessary to sign down to 33.

Of course, the reason to trade back during an NFL Draft typically is that the team has nobody valued on the draft board when the team makes their scheduled pick. As a result, the team bails from that spot in order to return to the board when picks align with the talent available.

While the Rams will almost certainly love somebody on the board, no matter when the team picks, the Rams roster situation may dictate that the team add picks during the draft. It is far easier to add players to the roster via the draft, then to outmaneuver, outshout, and outpay the rookies who do not hear their name called during the draft after it's over. It's no stretch of the imagination to envision the Rams signing over 30+ rookies to contracts after the draft ends. The fewer the number of signings needed after the draft, the better.