Toughest home and road opponents on LA Rams schedule in 2024

Los Angeles Rams, SoFi Stadium
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Tough Road Opponent III: New England Patriots

While you may view the New England Patriots as a 4-13 team that was incredibly bad, don't ignore the fact that they are in an almost identical situation as the Houston Texans found themselves just one short year ago. They are an AFC team that had enjoyed some success, had a horrific year, hired a former linebacker from the team's history as their new head coach, and has a potent draft pick arsenal to begin the rebuilding process. And after a horrendous season, the Patriots now face a last-place teams schedule.

Many mock drafts predict the Patriots to aim at one of the Top 3 quarterback prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft, which is currently appearing to be LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. Daniels, much like the Texans C.J. Stroud, could be the right quarterback for the right team in 2024. The Patriots return next year with a solid defense, and an offense that simply needs playmakers. Daniels, a top rookie receiver, and a trustworthy rusher, could turn that team around pretty quickly.

Then you have to factor in the impact of three different time zones, which translates a 1:00 pm ET kickoff into a 10:00 am PT kickoff, and you can see how the Rams may not have an advantage in this one. This could be a problematic game depending on when it falls on the Rams schedule

Perhaps the moniker of toughest opponent is a bit overblown, as the risks inherent in this game is more uncertainty than outright concern. But the Patriots could rebound very well next season. And unless the Rams are an early opponent, this could be a game against a young team that is beginning to gain confidence.