Two ESPN Analysts board the bandwagon: Rams will compete in SB LIX


We have been lobbying hard for the belief that the LA Rams would be a dark horse team to appear in Super Bowl LIX. Then Colin Cowherd made his bold predictions favoring the LA Rams to win the NFC Western Division. Now, two reputable ESPN analysts, Field Yates and Jeremy Fowler, believe that the LA Rams will compete in the NFL Championship Game as well. And with the calendar not even showing March 2024 yet, there is plenty of time for more analysts to join the club.

While it's all conjecture at this point, where there is smoke, there are often tongues of fire as well. Keep in mind that while the Rams do suffer incredible turnover from their coaching staff, the team is still led by the dynamic duo of GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay, a tandem whose relationship is the envy of the NFL, and whose success is unquestionable.

The Rams are not immune to bad seasons, but this team finds itself in a repeating 3-year cycle that culminates in an appearance in a Super Bowl ever third season. Right now, 2024 is Year 3 of the Rams' third cycle. For whatever reason, the team has managed to pick itself up, dust itself off, and start all over again in the quest for a Lombardi Trophy.

Of course, it's quite the roller coaster ride for Rams fans, who had to endure the emotional turmoil of celebrating a Super Bowl LVI victory, to watching helplessly as the team suffered incessant injuries and barely managed to win five games the following season.

Still, as bad as the prospects of winning games were bleak after 2022, the prospects of winning games are even brighter after 2023. The Rams not only had unprecedented success to close out their final nine games in 2023, but the coaching staff and players had a great deal of fun while doing so.

Some may view the Rams hot finish as reason enough to predict great things for this team in 2024. But I view the fact that this team enjoyed themselves the entire way. It's that thrill of competing that tilts the tower in favor of an even better season this year for me. After all, if the coaches and players had that much fun, they will be even more eager to get back at in again.