We dare you to try not cheering for LA Rams rookie DL Kobie Turner

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Kobie Turner / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

With the 2023 Rams training camp kicking into high gear, it's time to put down the scorecards and videos of sensational plays (albeit in shorts and tee shirts) and commit to something far more important. It's time to start the pain-staking process of determining which player will join the ranks of our favorite players to root for.

We all have our reasons of who to cheer for over the course of the season. Perhaps is comes down to a game-saving moment of heroics? It could simply be that the player hails from our alma mater. But whatever the reason, there are a lot of young players to love in the LA Rams training camp right now. So who are your favorites so far?

I am already loving what I see in Rams rookie defensive lineman Kobie Turner, and here's why:

III: He's a bona fide underdog

Some rookies are tagged as a 'reach,' in an NFL Draft through no fault of their own. But in the case of former Wake Forest DL Kobie Turner, he has been tagged by CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated. Making matters worse, both media sources are based on the same assessment by Josh Edwards. But the nail in the coffin is that even Edwards pulled his punch a bit:

"Turner is a really fun player to watch because of the pace in which he plays the game. He is a shorter prospect with below-average arm length. Interior rushers are usually longer and interior run defenders usually carry more mass. It was not a significant reach based on his place on the overall big board but it seemed too early. "

Josh Edwards re: Kobie Turner

Any 'reach,' article that includes 'It was not a significant reach,' is pretty underhanded. The reason is that the mere appearance of the guy's name in an article of that type is something he will have to disprove for much of his early NFL career.

II: He's having fun at training camp, and I'm having fun watching him

Smiles beget smiles. There is nothing more fun at an NFL training camp than seeing and listening to a young player chatting it up and having fun in the process. Hey, it's a grind, and everyone knows it. But it's a vital part of every NFL season for every NFL team. Players can either make the most of it, or be miserable.

Rookie DL Kobie Turner is making the most of it.

After watching that run to close out a day's practice at Rams Training Camp, how can you not be rooting for Kobie Turner already?

I: Coach Henny and Aaron Donal are going to do him right

LA Rams Coach Eric Henderson is the absolute best defensive line coach in the NFL. But like any great teacher, there needs to be high quality students for the process to be effective. Right now, the relationship between Kobie Turner and Coach Henny is already getting off to a great start. And there is far more positives on the way.

He's been talking to Coach Henny about converting his weakness into his strengths. But more than just Coach Henny, Kobie Turner has a front-row seat in working alongside and approaching Aaron Donald. And for the 6-foot-2 288-pound defensive lineman, having both Coach Henny and Aaron Donald on your side is something few NFL defensive linemen will ever experience in their NFL careers.

There are many challenges facing the LA Rams' defense in 2023. In a similar fashion, there are a lot of challenges facing rookie defensive lineman Kobie Turner in his first NFL season. But somehow, I expect that he will be more than a match for any challenge this season.

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Perhaps I'm just a sucker for lost causes. But I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing and learning about Kobie Turner so far. And I expect the entertainment value of this young man's football career will only increase over time. So who is your favorite rookie on the Rams roster so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page.