We know that the LA Rams are disrespected, but which 5 NFL teams are the most disrespected in 2023?

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IV: Houston Texans

Pro Football Focus Ranking: 31

It's easy to gloss over the Houston Texans as a team that is going nowhere fast. After all, this was the team that ultimately traded away besieged starting quarterback Deshaun Watson without a true starting quarterback ready to take over the job on the roster. That job will likely land in the lap of rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud this season.

While the Houston Texans finished with a very disappointing 3-14 record for veteran NFL head coach Lovie Smith, this is a brand new team. The Houston Texans hired former player DeMeco Ryans to be their head coach of the future, and I for one believe that he will do very well for their team this year.

Ryans is the Texans version of Brandon Staley

Much like former LA Rams DC Brandon Staley who was hired as the LA Chargers head coach a year later, Ryans was the former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator for 2022, and will now lead the Houston Texans as their head coach for 2023. Ryans is a no-nonsense head coach who is tough but incredibly savvy. And the hiring already has the endorsement from former HC Gary Kubiak.

To DeMeco Ryans, coaching the Houston Texans is not just a job. This is his dream job, and that means that a very passionate and focused head coach will give 100 percent to succeed. Can Ryans make a difference? Toro Times site expert Ronnie Eastham thinks so. While a 6-11 2023 record may not be an eye-popping improvement, it's enough to be better than a 31st-ranked team. So let's move on to our next disrespected team: