We know that the LA Rams are disrespected, but which 5 NFL teams are the most disrespected in 2023?

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I am not necessarily a huge fan of quarterback Derek Carr, but I am not one of his critics either. And I have to say that his landing with the New Orleans Saints is a win for both Carr and the Saints. Considering the fact that the New Orleans Saints finished with a 7-10 record in 2022, and in my estimation upgraded their quarterback, I can envision the Saints being an NFC South Division winner and a true 2024 NFL Playoffs competitor.

Of course, nothing is a certainty, and I am not suggesting that the Saints are a lock for anything. But we do know that the NFC South was a rather weak NFL Division last season. and the outlook for most of the teams in the division are not very glowingly optimistic for this upcoming season.

High performance offense was made for this Carr

The expectation of mediocrity is just enough to afford the Saints a window of opportunity to surprise some folks this year, and that seems more likely than not of happening in my humble opinion. The Saints offense still boast all-purpose back Alvin Kamara. Wide receiver Michael Thomas is healthy once more, and is a darling of Fantasy Football GMs once more.

Unless another NFC South Division team is unexpectedly successful in 2023, I believe that the Saints have as good of a chance as any of claiming the division title. I started this slide by suggesting that I am neutral regarding veteran quarterback Derek Carr. But I do believe that he has a chip on his shoulder based on his abrupt dismissal from the Las Vegas Raiders offense, and that will serve to be unstoppable motivation for him to do well this year. The Saints' offense has plenty of weapons. Now, they have a veteran quarterback who can run it to perfection.