We will learn how far these LA Rams have come in Week 13

Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner, Aaron Donald
Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner, Aaron Donald / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

When it comes to offenses built in the NFL, the LA Rams offense has all of the pieces necessary to score points on practically anyone, as long as veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford is under center, that is. The Rams have a unique offensive system that can counter any defense, and coverage scheme, out of the base 11-personnel package. Of course, defenses have learned over the years to dictate to the Rams what options they will defend. If the Rams offense becomes one-dimensional, the opposing team has a great chance of winning.

Other teams, like the San Francisco 49ers, have developed an entirely different approach to winning games. The 49ers invest in offensive linemen and defenses, and have constructed an idiot-proof offense that practically anyone who can throw a spiral can win at. Former 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo completed 67.6 percent of his passes, and threw 82 touchdowns to just 42 interceptions in the 49ers offense.

In six games for the Las Vegas Raiders this season, Garoppolo has a 65.5 percent completion rate, but has tossed just seven TDs to nine INTs. He is not running the 49ers offense any longer, Toto.

Flacco is a go

The Cleveland Browns are similarly constructed, They are a team that is founded on the principle of investing heavily into their offensive line and defense and then turning the keys over to a game manager under center with the instructions to simply not lose the game. This week, the driver of the Cleveland Browns offense will be veteran quarterback Joe Flacco.

Understandably, the greatest threat of the Browns offense in Week 13 is the running game, The Browns will rally behind the rushing of RB Jerome Brown and RB Kareem Hunt. If either of those Browns players have big games, the Rams could be in for a long game.

But the Browns may be the ideal opponent for the young Rams roster to gatekeep for postseason competition. The LA Rams will undoubtedly face offenses that can run the football very well if the Rams earn a berth in the NFC Playoffs. So the test in Week 13 will be to see if the Rams can do so effectively.

Rams can defend the run

There continues to be a pattern of positive evidence that suggests that this Rams team truly can handle what the Browns throw at this this week

The Rams allow an average of 113.3 rushing yards per game so far in 2023. But in 11 games this season, the Rams have faced five of the Top-12 rushing offenses in the NFL (the Rams faced the Arizona Cardinals twice this season).

The Cleveland Browns are the third-ranked rushing offense in the NFL heading into Week 13. The Rams next opponent, the Baltimore Ravens, are the top rushing offense in the NFL. The Rams will either need to stop the run, or lose the next two games. The Arizona Cardinals average 121.8 rushing yards per game. The Cardinals averaged only 101.5 yards per game against the Rams this season. The Dallas Cowboys average 117.0 rushing yards per game, but only mustered 102 rushing yards against the Rams.

The LA Rams have to stop the run at some point this season, and the team might as well face the music in SoFi Stadium in Week 13. Can the Rams stop the Browns to improve to a .500 team this week? They can.

Now we just need to settle in and see how the Rams handle the Browns in Week 13. Let's go, Rams!