Weather woes add to the challenges for the LA Rams against the Ravens

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Ready or not here it comes. The LA Rams (6-6) have traveled through three different time zones to play football. Week 14 is more than about the LA Rams against the Baltimore Ravens. In many ways, the Rams have little objective reasoning to expect success today. And that's okay.

The Baltimore Ravens, sitting on a record of 9-3, are atop the AFC in first place. And they are well rested and as healed as they are going to be, coming off a BYE. They are at home at Baltimore, Maryland, home of soft-shelled crabs, Maryland crab cakes, and McCormick spices. And they know how to beat NFC opponents.

Not to be outdone, Mother Nature wanted a piece of the LA Rams today too. At kickoff, the weather will throw everything at the Rams and the Ravens you do not want for a Sunday football game. Rain is falling, and will be heavy at times. The rainfall is expected to total 1.57 inches and fall for 12 hours. Winds will be steady out of the Southeast at 8.0 MPH but will gust up to 20 MPH. There is even a chance of a thunderstorm today.

What a wet and windy day for football.

Rams Day of Reckoning

Of course, the Rams schedule set the stage for the weather to get top billing in this one. After all, this is December 10, just 11 days before the shortest day of the year. Holiday decorations are up, and the season of joy and gift giving is about to get underway.

For the LA Rams and Rams fans, do not expect any generosity from the Baltimore Ravens today. They are a very good football team and will play like it. Today's game gives them an untold number of advantages, even down to the fact that kickoff is scheduled at 10:00 am PT, about the time that the Rams players push themselves away from the breakfast table and get in warmups.

Is there such a thing as a victory in defeat? This is a tough contest for the Rams, a team that has been beating the odds all season. These Rams have beaten some playoff-caliber teams already this season, and have played other good teams very closely. With each game, the Rams have gotten better, and are now riding a three-game winning streak.

In the end, perhaps the best that Rams fans can hope for is to emerge from Week 14 healthy and with dignity. But this is a young Rams team that does not know how to wilt. Win or lose, I expect that the LA Rams will give as well as they get in Week 14.

Will it be enough? Stay tuned.