What are playoff implications final 3 games from Week 16 for the LA Rams?

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With all but three games in the record books, the LA Rams have ascended among NFC teams to find themselves as the sixth-seeded team with just two games to go. But, if you examine the teams that remain in contention among the NFC, the Rams are by no means out of the woods just yet. But that is to be expected for a team that had fallen to a record of 3-6.

While the Rams schedule certainly eased up in terms of difficulty in the second half of the season, the LA Rams must now find some way to take their success on the road. The Rams have played to a 3-4 record so far, but the team must travel for their final two games of the season. If the Rams can win both games, they will finish with a very respectable 10-7 record and will be the sixth-seeded team in the NFL Playoffs for the NFC. If they lose, well, that is when postseason play becomes far less likely.

If you are overly concerned, don't be. This LA Rams team has exceeded all expectations so far. And curiously, the Rams continue to adhere to a 3-year cycle that has carried them into the playoffs in Year 2 and into the Super Bowl in Year 3 over the past eight seasons. The Rams have had one of the most successful results since hiring head coach Sean McVay in 20217. Now, the Rams will be pushed to the limit to see if McVay can lead a group of young players back to postseason competition.

To get to the NFL Playoffs, only the New York Giants (5-9) and San Francisco 49ers (11-3) stand in the Rams way. Curiously, both teams are playing on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023. So let's take a look at the games on the NFL schedule for today: