What are playoff implications final 3 games from Week 16 for the LA Rams?

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Las Vegas Raiders (6-8) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (9-5)

On the surface, this game has little impact on the LA Rams. But for fans of the Raiders, Chiefs, or any AFC team in the hunt for a playoff spot, this game is the grandaddy of Week 16. If the Raiders lose, they will be eliminated from contending for a playoff berth. But if the Chiefs lose, then the top seed spot in the AFC is a two team race between the Baltimore Ravens (11-3) and the Miami Dolphins (11-4). Don't forget the Cleveland Browns (10-5) either, a team that has been on a three-game winning streak since losing to the LA Rams.

I love what Raiders interim head coach Antonio Pierce has done with the team. But this is the Chiefs, at home, with the NFL Playoffs in sight. Look for the Chiefs to topple the Raiders in this one.

New York Giants (5-9) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (10-4)

This is a game that has huge playoff implications for fans of the Giants, Eagles, and any NFC team in the hunt for a playoff spot. The Giants face elimination in today's game thanks to the Rams win on Thursday Night Football. And facing the once-powerful Eagles would normally give little hope for the G Men to win. But this is an Eagles team that is no longer flying high.

In fact, the Eagles are reeling from a three-game losing streak, one that has plummeted the team from a quite comfortable spot atop the NFC to a team that is fighting to remain outside of a wild card spot. If there is one team that can shake the Eagles out of their slumber, it's a game against the Giants. Look for the Eagles to fly high once more.

The Rams face the Giants in Week 17.