What are the latest LA Rams future draft picks for 2024 and beyond?

As Rams rumors heat up over Colts RB Jonathan Taylor heat up, let's review the future LA Rams draft picks.
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
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2026 NFL Draft

In the LA Rams 2026 NFL draft, the team could hold all seven originally allotted draft picks. They currently consist of the team's normal allotment of one pick apiece in each of the seven rounds in the draft. But we promised to discuss the Rams trade of running back Cam Akers to the Minnesota Vikings. That trade included rather stringent conditions that are unlikely to be met this year, but we will mention them after the Rams draft picks table:

  1. Round 1 – The Rams hold their first-round pick
  2. Round 2– The Rams hold their second-round pick
  3. Round 3 – The Rams hold their third-round pick
  4. Round 4 – The Rams hold their fourth-round pick
  5. Round 5 – The Rams hold their fifth-round pick
  6. Round 6 - The Rams hold their sixth-round pick
  7. Round 7 - The Rams hold their seventh-round pick
  8. TOTAL - 7 picks

Okay, so let's state what is at stake. If conditions are met, the LA Rams will swap their seventh-round pick in 2026 for the Minnesota VIkings sixth-round pick in 2026. So what type of conditions must be met? Per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, Cam Akers must generate 500 yards from the line of scrimmage, both rushing and or receiving in 2023 for the conditions to be met. So far, Akers has yet to take an offensive snap for the Vikings.

But let's imagine the most optimistic scenario, and Akers does meet a 500+ offensive yards from scrimmage. In that case, the Rams swap a seventh-round pick for a sixth-round pick. This is the equivalent of a bag of pretzels for a cannister of Pringles potato chips.

Because the 2026 NFL Draft is far into the future, the impact of trades and or awarded compensatory picks will be unlikely to impact these picks until next season at the earliest. But it does prove that the trolls who cite the Rams have not had any draft picks until 2050 truly are just poking around to try and get someone heated up.