What are the latest LA Rams future draft picks for 2024 and beyond?

As Rams rumors heat up over Colts RB Jonathan Taylor heat up, let's review the future LA Rams draft picks.

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2027 NFL Draft

Okay, so that takes all the way into the future and the 2027 NFL Draft. To nobody's surprise, the LA Rams sit upon all seven originally allotted draft picks. That pattern will repeat for all future LA Rams drafts. Here is what that looks like:

  1. Round 1 – The Rams hold their first-round pick
  2. Round 2– The Rams hold their second-round pick
  3. Round 3 – The Rams hold their third-round pick
  4. Round 4 – The Rams hold their fourth-round pick
  5. Round 5 – The Rams hold their fifth-round pick
  6. Round 6 - The Rams hold their sixth-round pick
  7. Round 7 - The Rams hold their seventh-round pick

Unless the Rams engage in trade talks that involve future draft picks, or have a net loss of free agents in future offseasons, the Rams will be facing a repeat of seven draft picks each season each year.

Of course, the Rams prefer to be awarded compensatory draft picks each year. That turnover of the Rams roster not only ensures a steady flow of young talent, but allows the Rams to divert signifcantly more financial resources to the top players on the Rams roster. As long as the Rams draft wisely, they can sustain that strategy over and over.

NFL Rumors: Rams will make a play for RB Jonathan Taylor

With the LA Rams facing the Indianapolis Colts in Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season, Rams rumors about the team's interest in disgruntled Colts running back Jonathan Taylor are heating up. After all, the Rams have traded away former RB Cam Akers for next to nothing (see previously slide), have only committed to running feature running back Kyren Williams no more than 15 times per game, and have been linked to Jonathan Taylor previously.

The asking price for Taylor right now is expected to be a high second-round pick. The Rams have shown interest in a quality running back as recently as the 2022 NFL Trade Deadline, when the Rams were one of two teams to bid on acquiring Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey. While the Rams ultimately lost that bidding war to the San Francisco 49ers, that does establish the fact that the Rams wish to upgrade at the running back position. That was before the Rams parted ways with Cam Akers.

The Rams have plenty of ammunition to use in any trade talks for Jonathan Taylor. And the Rams are currently on track to begin selecting on Day 1 of every future NFL Draft. Well, unless the Rams front office has a better use for picks in Round 1.

Stay tuned folks. There is a reason why I am sharing the LA Rams future draft picks now, but let's just say there are ulterior motives for doing so.