What do we really know about the 2023 LA Rams today?

LA Rams HC Sean McVay
LA Rams HC Sean McVay / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages
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Okay, let's all put down our pencils and be truthfully honest. What we don't know about the 2023 LA Rams far outweighs what we do know about the team at the moment. From a purely practical standpoint, the LA Rams roster is 50 percent filled today. While we have talked about that the LA Rams will likely enter the 2023 NFL Draft with more than 40 roster vacancies, what that boils down to comes down to this: We really have no way of knowing much about the team yet.

If an NFL team's roster is a 90 piece jigsaw puzzle, half of the pieces are missing. That is not just 45 players who will show up for training camp and then be sent packing. Of the players who have not yet arrived to the LA Rams roster, at least eight unknown players will make the team's active 53-man roster. And beyond that, 16 additional players will sign to the teams 2023 practice squad.

Rams roster has yet to sign 33 percent of 2023's players

That's 24 players, at a minimum, who are not yet on the LA Rams' radar. The reason why there is so much discussion about the LA Rams' willingness to idle just 45 players on the roster through the first week of April 2023 is simply due to the fact that it's a bit unprecedented. Even at this early stage, many NFL teams, 12 to be exact, are within 20 players of a full NFL roster. All but four NFL teams are within 30 players of the full 90-player training camp roster. The LA Rams are the only team to exceed 33 vacancies.

While there are specific rules and guidelines in place to give all 32 NFL teams an even playing field in terms of contact and training players, there are no limits to a coaching staff recognizing and pre-scheming the type of offense and defense that will optimize the specific talents and skillsets of players who are know to be on the team.

The LA Rams coaching staff has no such advanced knowledge. As we have pointed out, the team has 24 players who will be part of their 2023 roster who are as of yet unknown. Of course, that assumes that all 45 players currently under contract will make the 53-man roster for 2023. To be honest, even that is unlikely, as more than a handful of players under contract for 2023 have yet to contribute meaningful snaps to the team. So what do we know? Here are three facts that we know about the LA Rams roster and the 2023 NFL season: