What do we really know about the 2023 LA Rams today?

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Fact III: The LA Rams roster will be quite a work in process

The Rams roster is a hot topic right now because, quite frankly, there are far fewer knowns about the Rams' potential 2023 players than any other team in the NFL right now. And much of the coverage is not so much a monologue of here's "what we know," type of process. Rather, even the most knowledgeable of Rams beat reports are stumped right now over what the final 90-player roster will look like upon its completion.

That opens the door for vast amounts of speculation, of dialogue, and of discourse. While some fans engage others in forums and on social media in anger, there are more and more fans who truly have begun to engage in insightful dialogue. As a result, the excitement for the Rams 2023 NFL season has begun to seem more and more optimistic.

Rams roster has great opportunities for individual performances

No, I'm not suggesting that the team will rebound to a 10-7 or better record this season. But I am growing more and more optimistic about the players on this roster. For example, will the team have a true WR2 who can help keep the defensive pressure off WR Cooper Kupp? Can the LA Rams offensive line form a formidable sea wall to keep the rising tide of defensive pressure off veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford? Can running back Cam Akers be the first Rams rusher to put up 1000+ yards this season, a feat that was last accomplished by RB Todd Gurley in 2018?

The more I discuss the LA Rams upcoming season, the more I believe that individual performances of key returning players may be better than expected.

On the flip side of that record, I fear that the Rams overall performance in terms of the rankings of offense, defense, and special teams' units may be a bit underwhelming this season. After all, half of the team has yet to make introductions with the team. And even if the team is unusually successful at selecting rookies in the 2023 NFL Draft, the team will still likely swing and miss with three rookie additions.