What do we really know about the 2023 LA Rams today?

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Fact II: The Rams rookies will be vital to the team's success

It's hard to believe that just two years after the LA Rams hoisted the Lombardi Trophy as victors of Super Bowl LVI, we are discussing a rebuild of the Rams roster. But ironically, that is where we find the LA Rams to be. After all, this is a team that struggled with an unfathomable number of injuries. Not only did those injuries ravage the Rams roster last season, but the need to sign healthy players cut very deeply into the financial reserves.

The Rams roster will enter the 2023 NFL season with an active roster made up of 53 players, and a practice squad made up of 16 players. That means that this team will rely upon at least 24 rookies to compete in 2023. But should unforeseen injuries impact the Rams roster, sidelining veterans for significant periods of time, the Rams dependency on rookies will increase even higher.

Rams roster rookies will have a huge say-so this year

Is that a bad thing? I'm not so sure in light of the current scenario that is unfolding for the LA Rams so far. If the team is truly aiming to compete in 2024, then their roster may benefit significantly from overloading on rookies in 2023. Not only will the team have a solid group of inexpensive players returning for next year, but there will inevitably be countless lessons learned, both good and bad, about the Rams draft experience from the 2023 NFL Draft.

Those lessons can quickly be applied to the team's 2024 NFL Draft, and hopefully will result in improved success at gleaning and selecting rookie contributors in 2024. The alternative is that the Rams learn nothing and face a blind monkey throwing darts at the dart board scenario in terms of draft success. I don't believe that will be the case whatsoever.

Hopefully, the Rams roster will allow for playing opportunities for rookies in 2023. I would not be the least bit surprised with the Rams giving significant playing time to as many as six rookies this year. That's a pretty large group of players, and will be a huge contributor to how successful the Rams are in 2023.