What does a perfect scenario for LA Rams in 2023 NFL Draft look like?

Les Snead
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The LA Rams are the topic of rampant speculation right now. Of course, any team whose roster stands at just 45 players and is closing in rapidly on the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft invites open and passionate debate, as the team has almost all options open in terms of how to best address the Rams roster. No stranger to debate and discussion, we've already weighed in on how the LA Rams front office can get the best bang for the LA Rams draft buck by focusing on the trenches and secondary.

But the LA Rams shopping list can arguably be a list of almost all positions, and there can be a passionate laundry list of reasons to mention each reason to address each position this year. Let's not try to kid ourselves, the LA Rams need warm bodies right now. Affordable, passionate, talented players who can come to the Rams organization and compete for almost limitless opportunities to make this roster and compete for meaningful minutes on the LA Rams roster

Gotta start strong at 36

We know that the LA Rams draft class hinges on how the Rams start out. With the 36th overall pick to open the 2023 NFL Draft, the Rams have a near first-round pick to use. That translates into a strong first step to securing a roster upgrade, or squandering the chance to be fundamentally sound. While the moment cannot be prescribed with any certainty, the Rams have plenty of roster needs to allow for the occasion of any Round 1 prospect falling to them in Round 2 to be cause for celebration.

But realistically speaking, what does a perfect draft scenario for the LA Rams look like? No, not an entire draft, as that has far too many permutations and combinations to list out. But what of the 36th overall pick? Even as the LA Rams prepare for the 2023 NFL Draft, the team has far too many needs on the roster to squander additional picks to move up. If the team stands pat at 36, there is a high degree of probability of incredibly talented players falling to the Rams on the draft board. Like who? Let's discuss five possible scenarios: