What does a perfect scenario for LA Rams in 2023 NFL Draft look like?

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Scenario V: Offensive tackle Darnell Wright

There is no doubt that the LA Rams would love to land a franchise blindside left offensive tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft. Doing so at the 36th overall pick is not unheard of, particularly in the face of no real consensus from NFL Draft scouts and analysts as to who is a clear frontrunner.

We do know that there is a one-two consensus that has settled upon Georgia offensive tackle Broderick Jones and Syracuse offensive tackle Matthew Brogeron. You can even toss Ohio State offensive tackle Paris Johnson Jr. into the mix as well. Close behind is North Dakota State offensive tackle Cody Mauch, and Ohio State offensive tackle Dawand Jones. Even Oklahoma offensive tackle Anton Harrison has been mentioned quite frequently as a first round prospect.

But with so many talented candidates, one may fall through the cracks to the LA Rams, and in several mock draft simulations, the offensive tackle who falls to the Rams more often than not is Tennessee offensive tackle Darnell Wright.

Wright is a huge 6-foot-5 338-pound mountain of power and anger, Per the NFL website, Wright is rated as the sixth overall rookie offensive lineman. Per the NFL Draft Buzz, he is projected as an early second-rounder. In either case, he is projected to be a very good NFL starting offensive tackle.

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While many project Wright as a starting NFL right tackle, he has all of the size, power, speed, and attitude to anchor the left side of the LA Rams offensive line for years to come. Wright brings vast potential to contribute immediately to a far more productive running offense, as he is excellent on the move and has the impact of a snow plow against defenders.

Yes, he will need some refinement to unlock his full NFL potential. But the truth of the matter is that he is as close to a plug-and-play offensive tackle as the Rams will hope to find at 36, and his upside is potential Pro Bowler. If the Rams truly want to draft for the future, then finding Darnell Wright the board at 36 could be a nearly perfect scenario.