What does a perfect scenario for LA Rams in 2023 NFL Draft look like?

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Scenario I/II: Interior offensive linemen

Okay, we detoured and rerouted your expectations long enough. But let's get right down to it now. We all know that a resounding roar of cheers and applause will occur if the LA Rams address their interior offensive line with the 36th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft. Why would that result in euphoria? Well for starters, many NFL teams do not shop for interior offensive linemen until Round 2, which gives the LA Rams an ideal position to select what could very well be the best offensive guard or offensive center in this draft. Like who? Well, taking the recommendations of Executive Director Reese's Senior Bowl Jim Nagy is always a good idea. Who does he like in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The LA Rams need interior offensive linemen, and they may have the opportunity to emerge from the 2023 NFL Draft with a star at either offensive guard or offensive center. Let's dive in a bit deeper:

Scenario II: OG O'Cyrus Torrence

The LA Rams lost starting offensive guard David Edwards via the 2023 NFL Free Agency market, and will absolutely need to address that vacancy somehow. While the Rams roster does offer some solutions with either Logan Bruss or Tremayne Anchrum Jr., neither appear to be long-term solutions for the Rams. That's why the team should not hesitate to call out the name of Florida's offensive guard O'Cyrus Torrence if he is still on the board with the 36th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Torrence is plug-and-play ready, standing a huge 6-foot-5 and weighing a power-packed 330 pounds. Torrence has played over 3000 snaps at the collegiate level, and did not surrender a single quarterback sack. The guy is simply dominant at his position, to the point that projecting him to be a future Pro Bowler is not overstating his upside.

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Adding Torrence is an ideal choice for a Rams draft this year. Not only does Torrence add value immediately as an accomplished pass blocker, but he could be the type of offensive lineman who forms the keystone of a formidable blocking force for the Rams future. He is rated as the best offensive guard in the 2023 NFL Draft by more than one draft analyst. Should the Rams have the chance to add the best-in-class offensive guard, they have to take it.

Scenario I: OC John Michael Schmitz

While the LA Rams have two veterans who can compete for the team's offensive center position, the Rams have neglected to address the role on a permanent basis for too long. It's the old adage, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The LA Rams had the chance to upgrade their offensive line by selecting offensive center Creed Humphrey. Instead, the Rams selected seldom used WR Tutu Atwell, while Humphrey went on to start for the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs.

The Rams may have a chance to correct the error of their ways this year. While some project Schmitz as a Round 1 selection, I would not be the least bit surprised if he is there for the LA Rams at 36. I will say that I will be livid if he is there and the LA Rams fail to call out his name:

Schmitz has NFL center written all over him. He stands 6-foot-3.5 and weighs a massive 301 pounds. While some rookies arrive a bit raw to the NFL, Schmitz is ready to play from the get-go. He has tremendous road grader ability, demonstrating a powerful push that blows defenders out of the hole and far out of running lanes.

36. player. 51. NFL Draft Profile. Offensive center. Minnesota. John Michael Schmitz. NFL Draft Buzz

The Rams have to take the offensive line seriously this year, and nothing says that more than claiming a solid contributor like John Michael Schmitz in the draft. The Rams not only enjoy the benefits of a solid offensive lineman by selecting Schmitz at 36, but the team gets the bonus of amplifying the productivity of veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford and running back Cam Akers with a bolstered offensive phalanx.

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What does a perfect scenario for LA Rams in 2023 NFL Draft look like? In our estimation, we've outlined five different best-case scenarios for the Rams at their 36th overall pick. If the Rams land any of the five prospects, they are well on their way to emerging with a quality rookie class. But if the Rams land Minnesota John Michael Schmitz at 36, their offense will be in ideal shape to put up a lot of points in 2023.