What happened to the Rams pick in Round 4 of the 2024 NFL Draft?

NFL Draft - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL Draft - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

If you are a bit like me, then any void in the LA Rams complement of seven allotted picks in any NFL draft triggers me to stop what I am doing and ponder the fat of those missing picks until I can sort it out. Sometimes, I am fortunate enough to recollect what happened to those pick, and sometimes I am simply left with a bewildered look on my fact until I manage to sort it all out.

One such enigma that arose from the 2024 NFL Draft is the fact that the Rams have another huge gap in their string of draft picks that extends from their late pick in Round 3 as the 99th overall pick (Round 3) to their 154th overall pick (Round 5). Out of curiosity, I wanted to follow the breadcrumbs for that pick. When I checked the official NFL.com website, I noticed that the Philadelphia Eagles hold the Rams Round 4 pick.

But how can that be? The Rams did not trade with the Eagles in the offseason. In fact, the LA Rams packaged picks in Round 4 of the 2024 NFL Draft and Round 5 of the 2025 NFL Draft to trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for the Steelers picks in Round 5 of this draft, Round 6 in the 2025 NFL Draft, and IOL Kevin Dotson.

To better illustrate, the trade looked something like this:

Rams trade for Kevin Dotson

Okay, that explains what happened to the Rams pick in Round 4 as to why the team no longer possesses the pick. But how did the pick get from the Steelers to the Eagles? Well, to determine the second leg of the Round 4 picks journey, we have to pivot to the Eagles trade for former Steelers QB Kenny Pickett. The terms of that trade are as follows:

Curiously, the 120th overall pick in Round 4 of the 2024 NFL Draft was originally allotted to the LA Rams as the complement of seven picks.

So the path of the 120th overall pick started with the Rams, was traded to the Steelers for RG Kevin Dotson, and then was traded by the Steelers with QB Kenny Pickett to the Eagles.

Now that I know what happened to it, you do too. And as always, thanks for reading