What have we learned as LA Rams OTA Offseason Workouts conclude?

Rams OTAs have come and gone. Now, what have we learned so far?
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Warren McClendon Jr., Ochaun Mathis
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Warren McClendon Jr., Ochaun Mathis / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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It starts with the revitalized coaching staff

When the LA Rams finished in 2022 with a record of 5-12, the reality of the team losing Head Coach Sean McVay after that frustrating season seemed to be very real. Even GM Les Snead advised McVay to step away from the team for a year, clear his head, and return after the sting of such a disappointing season had subsided.

But McVay only needed a short time to realize that football is truly his passion. And for the rest of the 2023 offseason, he surrounded himself with a coaching staff that shared that passion. After that, the front office surrounded the coaches with players who also shared that passion. For much of 2024, the same template was used to restock the coaching staff and the roster.

The Rams have finally had the opportunity to witness the range of football related plays that fresh faces offer to the team. There are a number of new players, both veterans and rookies, who are still making the acquaintances of their coaches and teammates.

The conversation of HC Sean McVay about his observations about the team are shared directly with you in the embedded video above. And while Coach McVay is already talking about 'cleaning up some things,' pre-snap, this is all based on shorts and tee-shirts practices without pads.

Coach McVay talks about the new players being their types of guys, passionate about football, bringing the right type of energy, and approaching football with the intention to get better each day.